Landslide destroys Alberico – Borgna Bivouac at Col de la Fourche, Mont Blanc massif


On Friday 26 August the Alberico – Borgna bivouac, located close to Col de la Fourche on the SE Ridge of Mont Maudit in the Mont Blanc massif was completely destroyed due to a landslide.

The Alberico – Borgna bivouac, located just a few meters from and Col de la Fourche (3682m) on the Brenva side of Mont Blanc, was completely destroyed on Friday 26 August due to a landslide. An important piece of alpine history has now disappeared forever. Owned by the Italian Academic Alpine Club (CAAI), the bivouac is dedicated to Corrado Alberico and Luigi Borgna, two mountaineers from Turin who perished in an avalanche below Col de la Brenva while attempting to open a direct new route on 17/8/1932. The original hut inaugurated in 1935 was replaced in 1985.

This summer’s extended heatwave has resulted in a complete absence of snow on the side of the bivouac, whose remains now reside on the glacier below. Currently the entire ridge is clearly unstable.


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