Large Elk Floats & Tenting Companions With MCHS Cheer


PINEVILLE – Big Elk Floats & Camping is sponsoring McDonald County High School’s cheer program for the month by donating 50% of proceeds from canoe and kayak rentals taking place Tuesday through July.

Hannah Shaver, MCHS cheer coach, said she focused on getting her cheerleaders more involved in the community while looking for sponsors, which the team succeeded in doing with Big Elk.

“The goal for them this year is I want more community involvement,” Shaver said. “I want the girls to get out there, talk to community members and businesses and just get our name out there.”

Shaver said through the community sponsorships the team is able to receive, she plans to purchase new cheerleader warm-ups totaling $2,000 including graphics, intended for both the JV and the varsity team are. Shaver said she also wants to build funds for future team efforts.

Shaver said her cheerleaders will be posting photos and videos throughout the month to promote the campground and the partnership between the team and the company. Shaver added parents from the team’s Booster Club helped the cheerleaders find sponsors, including Gary Wasson, who recommended approaching Big Elk.

Wasson, a self-proclaimed “Cheer Dad,” said he wants to help his daughter and the team raise funds for items they may need and buy merchandise for Cheer “fans.”

“Here in McDonald County, we’ve had a great fan base for years and years and years,” Wasson said. “That fanbase is spread across all of these companies, and I think it’s a natural progression to have everyone connect, be on the same page, and interact with each other.”

Wasson said he wants McDonald County fans to feel empowered not just for football but for all organizations, including cheering, like the 12th World Cup. man” feel.

“We want to get the fans more involved this year,” Wasson said. “And we want to do a little bit more for and with them as cheerleaders.”

Pat Tinsley, owner of Big Elk Floats & Camping, said instead of making a one-time donation to the cheering team, he wanted to offer help that would make a bigger impact.

“They wanted to donate something to auction to raise money for the cheer girls, and I said, ‘We’ve come up with something that works better,'” Tinsley said, nodding to his plan to offer the funding Program.

Tinsley said he’s offered help to various school organizations and clubs over the years, but this year he’s focusing on MCHS Cheer, hoping to offer more help to one organization rather than helping many less.

Tinsley said he looks forward to helping various organizations in the years to come.

“We’re just, honestly, so grateful for Big Elk and for doing this with us and helping us raise the funds we need for our program,” said Shaver.