Leisure services, roads spotlight CIP – Farmville


Improvements to Farmville’s street and recreational offerings are the items included in the City Council’s new five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

“This process is for planning purposes, so we can plan ahead for future years, to know what we’ll have to spend in future years on things that, I call them big ticket items, are expenses that we’ll have to fund in future years,” he said Farmville Town Manager Dr. Scott Davis during the CIP presentation at the May Working Session.

The list of priorities won the approval of the Council at its meeting on Wednesday 8th June.

Seven potential projects outlined in the new plan are:

• The Grove Street Playground at Grove and Buffalo streets is scheduled for a redevelopment in fiscal year 2022-23. According to CIP, the equipment is outdated and could use a new look. The budget for the project is $45,500 and is currently unfunded.

• The Farmville Splashpad is to be built at Lions Park on Wilck’s Lake. According to CIP, this will be an outdoor water park for school-age children during the spring and summer months. The budget is $900,000 and is currently unfunded.

• A roundabout is planned at the intersection of Oak, Griffin and High Streets in FY2024-2025. According to the CIP, this project was not fully approved by the council, but was submitted by the Virginia Department of Transportation for preliminary evaluation in Smart Scale, which will help with urgent transportation needs while using the least taxpayer dollars. This change at the intersection will improve traffic, safety and mobility, officials say. There is no budget yet, but officials expect it to be paid for by Smart Scale.

• A basketball court is planned at Lions Park for fiscal year 2024-25. According to the CIP, this will be a covered outdoor space to provide residents with a safe place to participate in outdoor activities. The budget is $150,000 and is unfunded.

• The Bike Pump Track is planned to be added to Wilck’s Lake Park in fiscal year 2025-26, adjacent to the existing skate park. According to CIP, this will be available for all wheeled activities. The budget is $120,000 and is currently unfunded.

• The Farmville Recreation Center project is planned for fiscal year 2025-26. According to CIP, this indoor facility will include an indoor walking track or running track, three basketball courts with scoreboards, two pickleball courts, a group fitness area and an office space with meeting rooms. According to Recreation Director Thomas Woodson, the plan shows the center near the entrance of Wilck’s Lake Island, but there is no definitive floor plan yet. The budget is $13 million and is currently unfunded.

• The Riverwalk will run from the High Bridge to Riverside Park and is planned for fiscal year 2026-27. According to CIP, Green Front Furniture owner Dickie Cralle requested this project. The budget is $2 million and is unfunded, but there is hope for possible grant funding.