Leitrim Recreation Discussion board to carry last public session conferences in Manorhamilton and Carrick-on-Shannon


Anyone interested in outdoor recreation and tourism is invited to attend the final two public consultation sessions in Manorhamilton and Carrick-on-Shannon as the Leitrim Recreation Forum unveil plans for its new Leitrim County Recreation Strategy (2022-2031 ) completed.

The final public consultations on the new Leitrim Recreation Strategy will be held by the Leitrim Development Company and Leitrim County Council on Monday 24 October at 6.30pm at Manorhamilton’s Bee Park Center and Tuesday 25 October at St George’s Heritage Centre at Carrick-on-Shannon, at 6.30 p.m.

This new recreation strategy will complement Leitrim’s new tourism strategy as reflected in the National Rural Development Plan Our Rural Future, 2021 – 2025, which sees outdoor recreation as an increasing driver of rural tourism with a key role in sustaining both looks at our rural communities and local businesses in Leitrim.

Over the past decade, outdoor recreation has grown exponentially across Ireland and more people than ever are enjoying the physical and emotional benefits of being active in nature.

The new (draft) Recovery Strategy for County Leitrim (2022-2031), funded by the European Commission’s LEADER RDP program 2014-2022, will set the strategic direction for sustainable development of the county’s outdoor leisure infrastructure over the coming decade.

With an array of integrated greenways, blueways, lakes and forest parks, as well as a range of hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, kayaking and rowing opportunities at multiple locations throughout the county, there are options to suit all abilities and ages.

Based on recent research and analysis commissioned by the Leitrim Development Company (LDC) and Leitrim County Council (LCC), the partners are pleased to present this exciting strategy for final public consultation.

It builds on the excellent work of the volunteer Leitrim Recreation Forum, formed in 2014 to provide a participatory framework for the strategic development of Leitrim’s outdoor recreation facilities.

The Forum has worked tirelessly with the LDC and LCC, in partnership with Waterways Ireland, Coillte, Inland Fisheries Ireland and many other stakeholders to provide opportunities across the county to support improved permitted access to the countryside.

Based on stakeholder surveys and consultations conducted by consultants SLR Consulting and Alan Hill, the new Recreation Strategy identifies a number of distinctive recreation opportunities that will firmly place Leitrim on the national and international recreation map.

With significant volunteer engagement from communities and others, including landowners and businesses, this strategy will provide opportunities to develop and enjoy outdoor activities, and also provide attractive rural tourism destinations.

Anyone interested in outdoor recreation and tourism is invited to learn about Leitrim’s exciting plans for an integrated development of the county’s wonderful recreational potential and assets, and to provide final feedback to the consultants for inclusion in the strategy.