Letter: Help for Mountain Recreation upgrades


I would like to openly express my personal support and that of Haymeadow Development for the proposed Mountain Recreation expansion plan, which will be voted on in November. We have and will continue to support recreation and opportunities for youth to recover. We consider hiking trails and outdoor recreation to be a key component of the quality of life for future Haymeadow residents, and this vision, in part, led us to partner with the City of Eagle nearly a decade ago to build and dedicate the Haymaker Trail. We are also ongoing supporters of The Cycle Effect to help local youth experience the fun and benefits of mountain biking.

We consider Mountain Recreation to be one of the leading recreational providers in the region and support their expansion as an overall benefit to the community. We also welcome the opportunity for Haymeadow residents to live off the designated services.

Brandon Cohen

Abrika Properties, LLC Haymeadow Owner