Liam Gallagher fan confuses washing line for tenting chair at Knebworth

Liam Gallagher fan confuses washing line for camping chair at Knebworth

A fan of Liam Gallagher has gone viral on Twitter after mistaking a clothesline for a camp chair at his show in Knebworth last night (June 5).

Yesterday, Gallagher returned to the site of Oasis’ biggest win for two sold-out singles shows at Knebworth, performing to over 160,000 people over two nights.

However, after the show, one fan rose to internet fame after accidentally taking a dishwashing line to the gig.

Taking to Twitter, Kaisha Bennett shared a photo of her dad proudly holding the laundry accessory. “Only my dad brought what he thought was a camp chair for Liam Gallagher, but turns out it’s actually a clothesline,” they wrote.

Only my dad brought what he thought was a camp chair to Knebworth for LG, but it turned out to be actually a clothesline 🙃 @liamgallagher #Knebworth

— Kaisha Bennett (@kaishaabennett) June 4, 2022

Gallagher has yet to respond but took to Twitter to praise fans of the show. “I want to thank everyone who was in Knebworth last night,” he wrote. “Big up the Pastels, big up the Sniffers, big up Paulo and big up Kasabian and most of all the beautiful people, you looked and sounded, wait for it… biblical, heavenly, majestic, approachable, humble.”

“Oh, and spiritually,” he added.

I want to thank everyone who was at KNEBWORTH last night big the pastels big the sniffers and big paulo and big kasabian and most of all the beautiful people you looked and sounded wait for it…… .. BIBLICAL/CELESTIAL/MAJESTICAL/ACCESSABLE/HUMBLE LG x

— Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) June 4, 2022

NME wrote of the show: “When Liam Gallagher first announced his return to Knebworth, he described the gigs as ‘History – Part Two’. It was a bold move even by his optimistic standards. (But) if Liam wanted to give the kids here their own Knebworth: mission accomplished.”

During both shows, Gallagher brought out The Stone Roses’ John Squire for “Champagne Supernova.”

“One hell of a round of applause for the coolest man alive,” Gallagher told the crowd when introducing him on the first night. “The only damn John Squire.” Squire also came out with Oasis during their shows at the venue in 1996.

Meanwhile, Gallagher reflected on his “obsession” with the Stone Roses in a recent interview with NME. In the latest in the Firsts video series, the musician looks back on his first gig, which saw Stone Roses at the former music venue International 2 in Manchester. “It blew my mind and that’s when I wanted to join a band,” he said.

He also stated that the Roses were the first band he fell in love with. “Our kid was into The Smiths, but they were a little too early for me and a little too student,” he said. “But the Roses were a little bit more girls – not like girls like us, but it felt a little bit more right.”