Licking County parks presents outside actions


Licking County offers many beautiful parks for children to enjoy outdoor recreation and exercise while playing, exploring, having fun and learning about nature and the local wildlife. Playing outside also supports physical and mental health and is a great stress relief activity for kids. Listed below are some parks in Licking County that are great for kids to visit with an adult.

Newark Rotary Park

The Newark Rotary Park and Pavilion on Sharon Valley Road in Newark offers kids a great playground to explore and enjoy. It is also located near a paved path where children and their family can walk or ride a bike.

Infirmary Hill Park

Infirmary Mound Park south of Granville features a pond, hiking trails, picnic areas, several playgrounds, a prehistoric mound, and a wetland for the public to enjoy. The park offers a great opportunity to explore and observe native wildlife.

Pataskala City Park

Children have numerous places in the park where they can enjoy fun and outdoor exercise. The park includes a swimming pool, soccer field, baseball field, basketball court, sand volleyball court, playground, and a hiking/biking trail. This park is a great place for kids to exercise or learn.

Geller Park

Geller Park in Heide includes wooded areas and numerous open lawns for outdoor activities. Other notable amenities include a two-mile hiking trail, two shelters, two softball fields, two sand volleyball courts, and a playground.

Hanna’s Park

Hannah’s Park in Johnstown has two playgrounds – one for young children and one for older teens – and there is a shelter nearby where parents can watch their children play. The park also offers grills for family picnics.

Licking County offers many other excellent parks for kids to play outside with their friends or family during the summer. For more information about Licking County parks, visit the following web resources: