Lincoln Might Need to Go Automotive Tenting or Glamping With You

Lincoln May Want to Go Car Camping or Glamping With You

Lincoln is a luxury brand – almost to the point of obsession. They offer an exclusive Black Label shopping experience. Their vehicles feature sumptuous leathers, symphony-curated doorbells, yacht club themes, and breezy-named driving modes—all designed to set them apart from their more plebeian corporate siblings at Ford.

The perennial problem for Lincoln — even if the demographics have been more favorable for recent launches like the Aviator — is that the brand’s middle buyer is old. Lincoln dropped the Continental sedan (much to the chagrin of auto services). However, the brand is not particularly trendy. They have so far ignored the burgeoning off-road, adventure and active lifestyle movement. But according to Lincon’s global director John Jraiche, that could soon change. Lincoln considers auto camping, or because it’s a Lincoln, glamping.

“You know the term glamping? We’re seeing insights and examples of people using their luxury products off-road, like pulling up to a campground to “glamp,” Jraiche told Ford Authority. “We’re watching this to see if we need to resolve this.”

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Okay, so it can be a bit harsh when Lincoln ignores the auto-camping (or glamping) phenomenon. The brand introduced us to Matthew McConaughey, who idled the Aviator’s petrol engine and cranked the heat to the max to create a moderate climate in the open trunk when ice fishing.

We haven’t received more rugged, adventurous Navigator and Aviator stylings from Lincoln yet. Although that feels like Lincoln could roll out with minimal effort. And as contradictory as it may sound, even a dedicated off-roader can make sense when executed well. Off-roading is a luxury activity. And loaded F-150 Raptors and Broncos are de facto glamping vehicles — even if their owners would never use that terminology.


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