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LOUISVILLE – A group of Louisville residents want to know what recreational opportunities the community and others in the area want.

Louisville City Councilor Dan O’Keefe said a group of residents have teamed up to develop a plan for more recreation in the area and they are looking for input through an online survey at https://forms.office .com / g / rbiPbmwjWy.

“We got a grant from the National Park Service. They have a program called River, Trails and Conservation Assistance. It’s a non-monetary grant, but they help organizations come up with a plan when it comes to recreational activities, hiking trails or the like, ”said O’Keefe. “We worked with them. They keep us on track and give us ideas on what to do. “

He said that one aspect of developing the plan is getting input from the community.

“Go straight to the community and find out what they want. I think everyone wants more relaxation here. But to make it more effective we wanted to get their ideas straight from them. So taking a survey is the best thing to do, ”he said.

Mr O’Keefe said the land available had potential for future use.

“We just want to find out what the best ideas are and the best way to do it,” he said.

The city of Louisville runs the former Massena Country Club, now called the River Course at Louisville Landing Recreation, and he said they could expand those recreational opportunities.

“That’s pretty good. We are very happy about that, but we want to continue with it. We want to expand, ”said Mr. O’Keefe.

He said they received around 130 responses to their survey. It takes about five minutes or less to complete the four-page survey. Questions include how often do people participate in a range of activities such as boating, fishing, picnics, or group outdoor activities. It also asks about other activities the person participates in beyond the survey, and another question asks what would they like more to do in Louisville.

Individuals are also asked to rank various recreational opportunities according to their preference and at the end of the survey there is an opportunity to discuss other things that could improve the outdoor recreational opportunities in Louisville.

“Some are really good,” said Mr. O’Keefe.

He is hoping for 200 to 300 answers to allow a better selection.

“The whole idea is that it’s not just for Louisville, but the whole area,” he said. “I definitely want to emphasize that this is not just true of Louisville. People who live in Massena, Waddington, Norfolk and beyond may want to get out. “

Negotiations on a new agreement will resume next year between the New York Power Authority, Louisville and other affected communities.

“So we believe now is a good time to get this plan out and come to everyone’s ideas and introduce it to the Power Authority,” said O’Keefe. “You really stand behind the recreation in the area. They offer us a lot of money and leisure opportunities. We just want to go into it and it’s a great time to do so. “

Anyone interested in future updates and ways to get involved can follow the Louisville Landing Recreation Facebook page. Anyone with questions or comments can email Mr. O’Keefe at [email protected]

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