‘Love Arduous’ Star Jimmy O. Yang on Rock Climbing With Nina Dobrev


  • Warning: There are spoilers ahead of the new Netflix Vacation Rom-Com titled “Love Hard”.
  • Star Jimmy O. Yang (Josh Lin) spoke to Insider about his climbing scene with Nina Dobrev.
  • Yang said he was afraid of heights in real life and that Dobrev was a “daredevil” unlike her characters.

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Jimmy O. Yang said he and “Love Hard” co-star Nina Dobrev had a “real role reversal” when they were shooting their climbing scenes for the new Christmas movie.

“I’m afraid of heights,” said Yang, who portrayed a small-town man named Josh in the Netflix film, in an interview with Insider. “My dad always made fun of me. I cried at the Grand Canyon when I was 13, so I don’t get along well with heights. I’ve never climbed in my life.”

“Love Hard,” released Friday, focused on the unlikely romance that ensues when an LA-based writer named Natalie Bauer (Dobrev) quickly falls in love with a guy on a dating app named Josh and runs 3,000 miles to Lake Placid, NY flies to surprise him for the holidays.

When she arrives, she learns that Josh has caught her and that the photos in the app were actually of his former best friend and “Standard Hot Guy” Tag (played by “Never Have I Ever” star Darren Barnet).

Josh then offers Natalie a day-to-day pairing up so she can pretend to be his girlfriend by Christmas.

After Natalie lies and tells Tag that she is an experienced climber, he invites her to climb – much to her concern, as she is afraid of heights. To keep the ruse going, Josh teaches Natalie how to climb a rock-climbing wall with ease.

When the group later went climbing, thanks to Josh’s tips and encouraging conversations, Natalie was able to reach the summit and return to the ground.

Jimmy O. Yang and Nina Dobrev on an indoor climbing wall in

Jimmy O. Yang and Nina Dobrev in “Love Hard”.


Yang said that he and Dobrev are actually the opposite of their characters when it comes to this scene.

To make it look like he knew what he was doing on screen, Yang attended a few climbing lessons in the presence of the stunt coordinator.

“It was pretty nerve-wracking,” the actor recalled. “Especially when we were filming it, the scene where I’m trying to calm her down on the climbing wall, I was really scared, but I had to pretend everything was okay and I have to be the one to calm her down. While Nina is actually a daredevil and very sporty. So she had to pretend she was scared, but she actually crushed it against that wall. “

“It was a real role reversal,” said Yang. “I think it took a lot to act for both of us.”


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