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Man discovered lifeless after climbing Edison Sq. bridge

Man found dead after climbing Edison Square bridge

A man, about 48 years old, who a month ago climbed to the top of the Plaza Edison pedestrian bridge demanding the payment of a liquidationhanged himself in a house located on B street, Concepción, district of Juan Díaz.
The victim’s uncle found the body hanging from a stroller inside a rented room where he lived, at about 7 pm this Saturday.
The relative narrated that after two days of not seeing his nephew, decided to go to the room where he lived and when he got there he smelled a putrid smell, so he notified the National Police.


Upon entering, the uniformed officers found the body of the man suspended, It is presumed that he would have been deceased for several days.
The victim a month ago climbed to the top of the pedestrian bridge located near the Plaza Building Edison, on the Ricardo J. Alfaro road and threatened to throw himself, but he was prevented from making an attempt on his life.
Specifically, the man requested that he would be paid a full settlement of his salary and this was expressed through a message on a banner that indicated: “I demand that Ricardo Pérez pay me my settlement as required by law.”
At the time, the Mitradel reported that the citizen filed a labor lawsuit before the conciliation boards and that he was not favored with the sentence.

It was learned that the victim had been treated due to depression problems, in addition to suffering from other pathologies.
Staff of the Public Ministry moved to the scene and carried out the removal of the bodyin the hours of yesterday night.