Man sentenced for climbing up crane in Invercargill CBD


New Zealand

March 22, 2021, 7:35 p.m.

A man (center) is scaling a crane in the Invercargill CBD. Photo / Laura Smith

A drunk man stuck in central Invercargill after climbing a crane told police he just wanted a better view of the city.

Steven Douglas Thomson was convicted in the Invercargill District Court earlier this month after pleading guilty to illegally walking a yard following an incident on March 4.

The summary of the facts revealed that Thomson was at the Invercargill CBD development site around 7 p.m., which was completely enclosed by a five-foot plywood fence and padlocked gates of similar height.

“The defendant had no authority or reasonable excuse to be in this enclosed courtyard,” the abstract reads.

Thomson climbed the wire gates, went to a large crane, and climbed its boom until it was about 20 meters above the ground.

The police were alerted by phone by a member of the public.

Emergency services and site managers participated in the incident, using a nearby cherry picker to get Thomson out of the crane.

When questioned by police, Thomson said he was extremely drunk and just wanted a better view of Invercargill.

After sobering himself, he said he couldn’t remember going into the yard or climbing a crane.

Thomson was also charged with disorderly conduct and willful entry into a private party two days after the incident.

On March 6th, several 16-year-olds held a birthday party in the rooms of the Blues Rugby Club on Conon Street in Invercargill.

The summary of the facts stated that Thomson arrived at the address drunk, entered the building uninvited, and made derogatory and sexual remarks about the appearance of the 16-year-old women.

The adults present asked the defendant to leave immediately.

He refused and said he would stay for the party.

Thomson continued to make lewd comments until he left the building.

The police found him outside and arrested him.

He declined to make a statement.

Thomson was sentenced to 60 hours of community service and six months of supervision.