Mansfield proclaims July Nationwide Parks and Recreation Month


JULY 1 — MANSFIELD — Mansfield City Council unanimously passed a proclamation at its meeting Monday night declaring the month of July as National Parks and Recreation Month in the City of Mansfield.

The proclamation was passed under the consent agenda.

Jay O’Keefe, Mansfield’s director of parks and recreation, wrote to the City Council requesting that they consider issuing a proclamation to help promote parks and recreation in the community.

O’Keefe was also motivated to write the letter because the United States House of Representatives designated July 2009 as National Parks and Recreation Month.

In honor of this award, the Mansfield Parks and Recreation Department will encourage residents throughout July to spend time with family, visit outdoor recreation areas, pursue a favorite hobby and take advantage of Mansfield’s recreational resources. The department will also conduct several awareness campaigns on the city’s website ( and other media.

Mansfield Mayor Antonia Moran said the city designates July as National Parks and Recreation Month each year.

“We are very proud of our Parks and Recreation program and want to encourage people to participate,” she said.

The National Recreation and Park Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of public parks, recreation, and conservation. The organization highlighted the importance of parks and recreation in a

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July National Parks and Recreation Month

Continued from page 1 ensuring the health of families and youth and contributing to the economic and environmental well-being of a community and region,” according to the National Recreation and Park Association in a fact sheet.

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Data sheet.

“Just as water, sanitation and public safety are considered essential public services, parks are critical to creating and maintaining the quality of life in a community,