Massive summer time for recreation and space parks | Information


The two biggest summer travel vacations are over, and all indications are that the local and regional parks will close a very impressive year.

“Last year we were closed for a couple of weeks because of COVID and we had a record year,” said West Boggs Park Manager Jameson Hibbs. “We didn’t have to close this year and our number is even greater. I assume that this year we will set a record in terms of both visitors and income. “

West Boggs isn’t the only place they are housed. “We also manage the campsite in Glendale and this facility brings in a different clientele, but the number was good,” said Hibbs.

“I think there was still a lot of catching up to do to get people out and away,” said Rama Sobhani, Knox County’s superintendent for parks and recreation. “We’re seeing a much higher demand for outdoor activities this year.”

West Boggs is one of the most active parks in southern Indiana. In addition to camping, boating, and fishing, the park offers other activities that range from fishing competitions and civil war reenactments to music and fireworks on the weekend of Independence Day.

“Last weekend was great,” said Hibbs. “The campsite was full. The docks were busy with boats. The place was full for the fireworks. “

Knox County’s top park is Ouabache Trails Park. The park is known not only for its camping, but also for its cabins. “The demand for RVs is much stronger this year than I can remember,” said Sobhani. “Most of our campsites are already reserved for the next six weeks. We are busy with many groups coming into the camp until Labor Day. “

Cabin rentals are even more popular. “The cabin rentals got out of hand,” said Sobhani. “We have reservations for the huts every weekend until the end of October. If we don’t set a record with our cabin rentals, it will be very tight. “

Hibbs points out that this year there appears to be outdoor recreation across the country. “The camping industry is up 100% from last year,” he said. “It shows up in state parks and even in national parks. There are some who require a reservation for the first time this summer because they are so full. ”

Sobhani says he feels this is largely due to travel and crowd restrictions put in place during the pandemic.

“People wanted to get out and about,” said Sobhani. “With the shutdowns, people really wanted out. When the state started lifting the restrictions, camping really opened up. “

Hibbs says real growth started last year and is continuing. “With crowd restrictions and venues open, people turned to camping and recreation,” he said. “People have rediscovered nature and found something to do with the family. Many have bought RVs and are still using them to get as much out of them as possible. We saw some growth even before COVID because our fisheries were improving. Now we’ll be busy well into Labor Day weekend and beyond. “

While officials don’t have exact numbers on West Boggs attendance this year, they expect to beat last year’s record income, which was $ 300,000 above the previous record at $ 1.5 million.


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