Meet the Harry Types superfans tenting at Ibrox forward of Glasgow gig


Dedicated Harry Styles Superfans from all over the world camp here Ibrox Stadium for the Love On Tour kick-off show on Saturday.

The fans, also known as Harries, have traveled across Europe and America to see the former One Direction star, and many are planning to follow the monumental tour to as many cities as possible.

Styles, 28, announced his return to the streets in January, with tickets selling out within minutes of going on sale.

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The National:

Glasgow is the first stop on his 32-city expedition that will take the multi-platinum artist across the UK, Europe and South America.

Around 20 fans flocked to a small grassy area outside Ibrox Stadium to camp in the days leading up to Styles’ performance. More people are expected to arrive with tents and power banks in hand as the evening progresses.

The young admirers network via dedicated Harry Styles WhatsApp groups, travel to venues alone and meet up with other Harry Styles upon arrival.

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The National:

Caroline Lecomte, 22, from Bourdeaux, has traveled alone from France and has been camping in Ibrox for over 15 hours. A few weeks ago she first saw Harry at his one night only show in London.

Today she said: “It was so nice to be able to be so close to him when it was a smaller venue, but it’s also very exciting to see him perform at such a big venue because I’m just so proud of him.”

She added: “I’m going to Manchester and London, and also to my home show, Paris, and Turin and Stockholm.”

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The National:

Lani Benfield from the Netherlands turns 24 and is celebrating her ‘Birthday Show’ at the Ibrox.

Lani traveled to Glasgow alone but has met up with friends from home and is queuing for new ones.

She said: “It rained a bit in the evening, but actually it’s quite nice.

“It’s not too cold, we’re all very comfortable. We have our sweaters and everyone is super nice and super caring. So it’s really great.”

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The National:

The National:

Nicole Kinowski, 25, drove nine and a half hours from Chicago to camp before the gig.

“I traveled here alone but I caught up with my friends I met on the last tour when I came to a show in London. We’ve been friends since 2018, kept in touch and so on,” she says.

Nicole is one of the few camping fans who have met Styles. She told the Glasgow Times that in 2012 she convinced her mother to let her drop her freshman high school diploma to camp out at a local mall for a One Direction book signing.

She said: “Harry was really young, he was about 18 at the time. He was really nice, they were all really, really nice.”

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The National:

The National:

Magda J., 21, traveled about six hours from her city in Poland and arrived at the stadium at 10am on Thursday.

She said: “I saw him in 2018 and met really nice friends on the tour. So I’m really looking forward to this one.

“I’m still doing a few shows in the UK. I’m really looking forward to the Eastern Europe tour because it will be the first concert in my home country of Poland, so I’m looking forward to it.”

The National:

Amber Van Der Ent, 26, traveled from her home in Rotterdam to be here: “I came right after work and arrived at 11pm yesterday. I’ve been camping for 12 hours.”

She said: “I’m very excited, I’ve basically been looking forward to it for the last two years. So I’m glad to be back.

“I’m doing about ten shows for this tour.”

Amber added, “On the last tour I forgot my ticket at home and had to buy a new ticket for the show.

“It actually turned out quite well because I was front row for the B stage.

“The other shows I was up front so I got a nice look around, but yeah it must have been very stressful buying a new ticket on the spot.”

The National:

Marika Candiotti, 21, from Manchester, is also an experienced Styles concert camper.

She said: “When there’s no drama, it’s really cool. I came here alone and didn’t know anyone. And we just get along really well.”

The National:

Amelie Jourdan, above, 20, Gaelle Berthoumieux, 22, and Tsetse Turpin, 20, all traveled from France for the performance.

Gaelle jokes about paying Harry’s rent: “I just love spending money on Harry.”

She added, “I want to see every single part of his face and his curls and everything, so I’m queuing starting today.”

For Tsetse, it’s a lot of firsts: the first time she was on a plane, a stadium show, and styles.

She said: “We really wanted to get as close as possible and enjoy this concert as much as possible because I think it’s going to be really crazy.”

Amelie added: “I came with my friends and I’m here because I think it’s a very good experience of life.”

The National:

Carlos Valencia, 63, and his daughter Miriam Valencia, 18, traveled all the way from Santa Rosa, California to see Harry’s show in Glasgow. They also plan to follow him to his show in Manchester before returning across the pond.