Member of first graduating class of UW’s Out of doors Recreation and Tourism Administration Diploma program joins Wyoming Out of doors Recreation Workplace | Information


Brynn Hirschman, a senior graduate of the University of Wyoming’s Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management program, has been named Outdoor Recreation Coordinator in the Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites & Trails division.

The Ohio native Hirschman worked as a leisure specialist in the Outdoor Recreation Office last year. She previously served with the Wyoming Conservation Corps and worked at the famous Vee Bar Guest Ranch.

“Brynn has brought a tremendous amount of energy and positivity to work over the past year and has worked hard to help grow and diversify the state economy through responsible recovery while preserving the values ​​that make Wyoming special,” said Chris , Head of the Wyoming Outdoor Recreation Office said Floyd.

“She has built relationships with stakeholders in the state, building a wealth of knowledge about existing and potential recreational opportunities,” Floyd continued.

Among other things, Hirschman will work with communities to identify areas of the state that are ready for recreational growth, as well as developing partnerships and strategies to manage new and existing recreational opportunities.

Dr. Dan McCoy, Graduate Coordinator and Lecturer in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management at the University of Wyoming, says, “Brynn was a fantastic student at UW and a wonderful example of someone who could pursue their personal and professional interests in a career. We’re so excited that Brynn was chosen; We hope that your appointment as Outdoor Recreation Coordinator will help expand our already strong partnership with Wyoming State Parks. “

In addition to positions within the Outdoor Recreation Office, graduates of the University of Wyoming’s Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management program may find employment opportunities in business and hospitality management such as restaurant, lodging and guest services, as well as recreational management such as facilities, leadership and adventurous tourism organizations, among others .

Hirschman will be based at State Parks headquarters in Cheyenne.