Metropolis of Austin to maneuver into Part four of city-wide tenting ban


City of Austin enters phase 4 of citywide camping ban

Less than a week before the city enters Phase 4, the Public Safety Commission sent a letter to the city council recommending some changes to the plan.

This weekend, the city of Austin is entering the final phase of its citywide camping ban. Phase 4 allows Austin Police to cite and arrest those who break the ban.

Less than a week before the city’s Phase 4 begins, the Public Safety Commission sent a letter to the city council recommending some changes to the plan.

“The Public Safety Commission recommends that the Austin Police Department cease subpoenas and arrests unless the diversion is offered to those affected by unprotected homelessness and includes an accommodation option,” said commission vice chairman Nelly Paulina Ramirez.

Austin City Council members sought out two possible homeless locations

Although the two locations in question are temporary shelters for the homeless, local residents still express their concerns.

During the public security commission’s monthly meeting, board members say it doesn’t feel right to punish the homeless when the city hasn’t found viable options for them.

“You should just not give people tickets until there is a promise of another option,” said board member Rebecca Bernhardt.

The city guides have named two possible locations that could be used as homeless camps, but none have been officially named.

City council discusses two properties as homeless locations

The two sites proposed as temporary homeless camps are owned by the city and will use prefabricated structures as shelter as the plan moves forward.

Cleo Petricek, co-founder of Save Austin Now, agrees the city needs to take faster initiative to help the homeless. “Nobody should approve of what we see on our streets. If we really cared about our homeless community, we wouldn’t have exposed them to these inhumane conditions for two years,” she said.

Assistant Chief Robin Henderson says APD distributed 14 quotes and made no arrests related to the camping ban.

Phase 4 comes into effect on August 8th.

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