Metropolis Strikes Ahead on Recreation Grants : The Prowers Journal

City Moves Forward on Recreation Grants : The Prowers Journal

Parish Offices in Lamar

Proposals to apply for two separate grants to create new outdoor recreation opportunities for Lamar and area residents were approved by the Lamar City Council during its December 12 meeting. A $17,600 grant application for an archery range north of North Gateway Park has been approved. The Shooting Range Development Grant was outlined at a previous council meeting by Logan Wilkins of the Southeastern Colorado Parks and Wildlife organization. “This fund is basically an outline of the cost of materials for the project, while the city would have to provide a 25% grant, which could consist of materials, volunteer work, or other donations in kind,” he explained.

City Treasurer Kristin Schwartz was given the green light to apply for a $225,000 grant from the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office for an Outdoor Recreation Grant to expand the unused skateboard park adjacent to Parkview School into pickleboard courts. The council was approached a few weeks ago by a group of citizens who proposed the concept and reported that pickleball competition is increasing across the country, which is particularly appealing to middle-aged residents and the elderly. Pickleball is similar to tennis but played on a smaller court with appropriate racquets and wiffleballs. Schwartz said the grant is perpetual for materials and labor, including plazas, shade structures, picnic tables, bleachers and a $40,445.31 emergency fund. “At this point I’m not sure of the exact cost as some of the materials and services will be tendered,” she explained.

Kendra Buchanan of the Parks and Recreation Department said some of the equipment, such as bleachers and tables, will be similar to those currently used at the Lamar Municipal, literally alongside the proposed courts. The application deadline is December 31, 2022.

Buchanan presented an interstate agreement between the city and the Lamar School District for a new three-year, $19,000 contract to use the facilities, which was approved.

After a public hearing, the Council approved the transfer of ownership/licence of fermented malt beverages from G. Aujla and Lamar, LLC to LVPCO LLC, doing business as TA Express at 708 North Main Street in Lamar. Serena Choi, a chief executive officer for the company’s licensing, explained that all safety precautions are taken for the sale of malt beverages to the public. Choi mentioned to the council that her company conducted an investigation into a non-competitive purchase for the empty Burger King building across the street from TA-76. “There is an opportunity to transform this business into a food court and gym combo,” she said for the council. Mayor Kirk Crespin agreed on one point, having recently held talks with Burger King Corporation to inquire about the building for future development.

The Council also, after another public hearing, approved Resolution No. 22-12-01 to provide additional funds to cover expenses in excess of the amounts budgeted for the City of Lamar. This measure includes funds for the General Fund, sales tax, Fairmount Investment, water/sewage and ambulance services.

dr Linda Lujan, outgoing president of Lamar Community College, provided the council with her latest update on college activities and a brief summary of developments at the school during her tenure as president. “I want to take this time to thank the council and community for the symbiotic relationship we’ve had during my years as college president,” she said. She added that there is so much gratitude to give for the city’s support in college development, as well as the community’s commitment to the growth of the campus, staff and student body over the years. A new president will assume responsibilities at the college in early February and Dr. Lujan expressed her confidence that the city will offer the same support to the new president.

City Manager Rob Evans hinted at upcoming calendar events, including the upcoming annual Lamar Chamber Holiday Tournament at the Lamar Community Building. Dates for the basketball competition are December 15-17. City offices will close for the Christmas holidays from Friday 23rd to 26th December and again for the New Years on Monday 2nd January. Evans mentioned the new pedestrian bridge over the Ft. The Bent Canal should be complete at the LCC by the start of the new semester and progress continues on the Washington Street sewage project.

The City Council decided to hold an additional meeting on December 19 to finalize the language change to the City’s Human Resources Handbook, which primarily relates to the carryover of unused vacation time.
By Russ Baldwin