Missouri Division of Conservation now issuing citations for accountable recreation


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The Missouri Department of Conservation works with Sonic Drive-In to reward Missouri youth for good outdoor behavior.

Conservation officers are now giving out ice cream quotes for children caught engaging in responsible behavior in nature, such as wearing their life jackets, fishing or hunting with the family, or keeping outdoors.

The quote can be submitted to any participating Sonic Drive-In to receive a free ice cream for the responsible outdoor enthusiast.

“Our agents are excited to partner with Sonic to recognize children who responsibly enjoy the outdoors,” said Dean Harre, assistant director of the Missouri Department of Conservation. “It’s a great way to reward our young conservation officers and encourage their love and appreciation for nature.”

The Department of Conservation representatives have a brochure with quotes and are on the lookout for young adventurers enjoying their time in the great outdoors.

“This program not only encourages children to be great role models in nature, but also helps our agents connect with the community and forge lasting relationships,” commented Harre.

Harre said MDC agents will start issuing the tickets from July 1st.

To find places in nature, visit mdc.mo.gov/discover-nature/places.

To find activities in the great outdoors, visit mdc.mo.gov/discover-nature/activities.