Mizoram Police Personnel Completes 45 Days Of ‘Detoxing & Rehabilitation Tenting’ 


  • Ezrela Dalidia Fanai, NET correspondent, Mizoram

The 45-day National Fund for Control of Drug Abuse (NFCDA) sponsored detox and rehabilitation camp for a total of 346 Mizoram police officers ended today at 9 camp centers set up along 8th Battalion Headquarters and at Thenzawl Police Training School .

During the 45 days of camping, a systematic daily routine of physical exercise, drill, indoor classes including spiritual, religious and spiritual guidance, etc. was introduced with the help of several respected resource persons.

In addition, all campers showed improved physical and mental well-being; and gained the strength and ability, physically and mentally, to overcome her alcohol addiction.

It has been observed that regular absence from the family environment due to 24-hour duties and being posted to difficult places, including regular exposure to the public in dealing with law and order, confrontation with criminals and prevention/detection of crimes by the police, can lead to severe stress; which can adversely affect police officers’ mental health, and excessive drinking to control their anxiety and stress.

The Department recognizes that alcohol addiction can severely impact productivity at work and relationships with family members, and professional intervention is often required.

Mizoram Police have also expressed their gratitude to all officers and staff, auxiliaries, and all campers and their families who bravely and patiently joined the whole process with determination to win and overcome the challenges.

There is genuine hope that this 45 day camp will pay off in relation to drug/alcohol abuse among police officers.