Muncie’s Dick sporting items close to completion.Hiring new workers | Work


Muncie, Pennsylvania – Dick’s Sporting Goods is now called Lycoming Crossing Shopping Plaza, 380S. We’re hiring at a new location on Lycoming Mall Road.

According to a press release, Dick’s is looking for talented applicants with a passion for sports to join the team in new locations. Retailers expect their stores to hire around 20 part-time workers.

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According to the company, the relocated store will open in October 2021 and be equipped with sports and outdoor clothing, a wide variety of shoes, the latest equipment for team sports such as football and baseball, as well as the finest equipment. .. For golf and fitness.

Dick’s seeks candidates who can use their personal experience and in-depth knowledge to guide, inform, equip and inspire athletes.

Competitive wages, store discounts, and the ability to partner with the best sports and outdoor brands are all work benefits depending on the competition.

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Muncie’s Dick Sporting Goods nearing completion. Hire new employees | job

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