N.A. Metropolis Council restricts amphitheater use to leisure solely | Information


A measure passed by the North Augusta City Council on Monday evening limits the Sharon Jones Amphitheater to “constant use of outdoor recreational activities.”

The resolution establishes a declaration of restriction of use for the property in Riverside Village, which replaces two properties whose use is no longer restricted.

These two lots were nearly 30 acres of land in Edgefield County known as Northview Park and nearly 10 acres in Riverview Park now connected to the water filtration facility.

The 2.16 acres that make up the Sharon Jones Amphitheater may not be “remodeled (by transfer, sale, or otherwise) for purposes other than public recreational purposes” without the express written permission of the Secretary of the Interior .

The resolution passed 6-0 with Councilor Eric Presnell absent.

Other actions by the Council:

• The City Council passed the second and final reading of an ordinance providing for the spending and sale of water and sewerage revenues that are used to reimburse bonds for no more than $ 18,500,000.

• The City Council passed a resolution approving the West Martintown Road Corridor Study.

• The city council has passed a resolution approving an advanced start date for a planning engineer. The 2021 budget approved the position with a start date of July 1, but the resolution postponed that start date to May 3.

• The City Council passed a resolution approving $ 88,000 for Pole Branch Interceptor pipe replacement after a sinkhole in October 2020 and inspections that found structural defects in the pipeline.

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