Native Christmas movie climbing Netflix’s prime films checklist


When you’re done with Die Hard and want to make another Christmas movie, you can check out Snowbound for Christmas, a local Christmas movie that was shot by a studio in Barrie / Newmarket and shot right in our backyard!

Here is the summary:

A few days before Christmas, Rachel, an assistant and in love with her boss Adrian, accompanies him on a trip. A storm blocked them in a five-star hotel, where they were the only guests. It’s the perfect opportunity to get closer.

The film was made by Brain Power Studios, a local media content producer with rotating facilities in Barrie and Newmarket. If you decide to try it out, downhill enthusiasts may notice a familiar sight too; the film was shot at the Horseshoe Resort!

The film is currently trending on Netflix’s most watched movies lists in both the US and Canada, and currently ranks 4th and 5th respectively.

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Snowbound for Christmas is also their only local Christmas movie, Brain Power Studio has several other Christmas movies to watch too, so check out their website for more Christmas movie night ideas!

They’re cheesy, but honestly, it’s always the best Christmas movies!

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