Nature Reserves for Tenting in Latin America


Latin America has exceptional protected areas for travelers who want to camp safely and with all kinds of services. These are some of the most popular spots for those who enjoy camping amidst stunning natural destinations.

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

This is the dream spot for camping lovers. Sleeping in front of the wondrous Iguazú Falls, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, is one of the most memorable experiences one can have. Located in the province of Misiones, this fabulous place offers cheap camping opportunities surrounded by nature but close to shops where tourists can buy everything they need to spend a few days in this emblematic place of South America.


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Several tour companies offer trips to the park, including boat trips and swimming in lagoons. In addition, the area offers all the necessary services such as toilets, showers and places to eat comfortably with family.

Cumuruxatiba, Brazil

In this extraordinary place, travelers admire the largest reefs of the South Atlantic on enchanting beaches perfect for camping. Here, visitors enjoy all kinds of water sports, especially scuba diving and snorkeling to admire the magnificent marine life. For those who prefer to relax, there are plenty of places in the shade of lush vegetation.

The area has very safe campsites that offer all services, both sanitary and experiential (with expert guides), such as hiking on trails and rides in SUVs, among others.

Latin America has camping areas with showers and toilets for the convenience of visitors. (Photo via sutlafk / iStock / Getty Images Plus).

Magical River, Chile

Camping is one of the cheapest and most fun ways to enjoy the scenery of this amazing place and have fun swimming in rivers with crystal clear water. In addition, at night, visitors will witness a memorable spectacle by observing a magnificent starry sky.

This place has excellent facilities for the convenience of tourists such as parking lots, hot water showers, and monitored and sheltered picnic areas. Those who like cultural expeditions can visit the important archaeological site called Piedra del Guanaco and witness pre-Columbian stone writings.

Los Nevados National Park, Colombia

This nature reserve is located very close to the city of Manizales, in an area surrounded by Andean forests, bogs and glaciers, offering fantastic views for those who want to escape the city noise.

One of the most popular camping routes is the one that covers the area of ​​El Cedral and Laguna del Otón. This area has a great biodiversity that makes camping a unique experience. In addition, the mountain landscapes, valleys and waterfalls make it the perfect place for photography lovers.

The Manizales area of ​​Colombia is perfect for admiring beautiful volcanoes, Andean forests and glaciers. (Photo via DC_Columbia/ iStock / Getty Images Plus).

Another recommended route is through Nevado de Tolima, one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the central Andes. Those who do this tour have not only campsites, but also water supply points where they can walk without complications and admire the waterfalls and glaciers of this amazing place.