NDC cautions towards tenting of delegates


The National Democratic Congress NDC warned against camping delegates during its National Delegates Convention.

A statement by Mr Alex Segbefia, Chair of the NDC National Congress Planning Committee, copied to the Ghana News Agency, said the committee had noted the unfortunate practice of banning delegates at the youth and women’s conferences due to take place on Saturday, by some candidates to camp , December 10, at the University of Cape Coast.

“The committee would like to inform all candidates, delegates and those involved in the upcoming elections that detailed accommodation arrangements have already been made for all delegates attending the conference,” it said.

“As such, any candidate is prohibited from camping or lodging a delegate outside of approved and sanctioned delegate accommodation facilities.”

The statement warned that the party was not responsible for the safety of delegates accepting such offers from candidates to house them in facilities not approved by the party.

All candidates, delegates and stakeholders should adhere to this policy to enhance everyone’s safety and ensure an early start to the process.

The statement said any regional youth organizer or regional women’s organizer who allows delegates under their supervision to be camped out by a person in violation of this policy should be sanctioned by the party.

Source: GNA