Neighborhood invited to recreation, conservation listening session at Pathfinder Park Occasion Middle – Lamar Ledger


Community members interested in recreation and conservation are invited to a collaborative listening session hosted by the Outdoor Pikes Peak Initiative on January 26 from 5:00-6:30 p.m. at the Pathfinder Park Event Center. The local Fremont Adventure Recreation group will help implement the program, which aims to hear community members’ priorities, opportunities, and concerns.

While cities and counties can have borders, the landscape as a whole really has none. Wildlife traverse open spaces to gain access to foraging and breeding corridors, rivers traverse city and county boundaries, wildfires hit communities across large tracts of land, recreational seekers use trails and open spaces both within and outside of their hometown. Across the boundaries of legislatures and land managers, we share common interests, concerns, and priorities for our common Colorado landscapes.

That’s why it’s important for regional communities like the Greater Pikes Peak area to come together and discuss large-scale priorities. From conservation and conservation to recreational interests, shaping the future of the country in Southern Colorado is something community members should be involved in. The Outdoor Pikes Peak Initiative is a collaborative group of local organizations and businesses with interests in trail advocacy, land management, agriculture, hunting and fishing, commercial tours, and recreational events.

“Sometimes we tend to think we live, work and play in silos,” said FAR coordinator Ashlee Sack, “but that’s not true when it comes to our land and water resources. This is a great way to bring different stakeholders around the table to share their experiences and views.”

Community members – including recreational users of all modalities, landowners, agricultural representatives, community employees and other interested parties – are invited and welcome to attend. Sessions are also held in additional communities in Colorado Springs, Cripple, Creek and Woodland Park.

Participants are asked to register for the session (for planning purposes) at The session will consist of a welcome speaker, followed by roundtable discussions and interactive opportunities to contribute.

For more information, see A virtual option is available from 7pm to 8pm