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More adventure awaits

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Since the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions and the reopening of the Okanagan’s Community Recreational Initiatives Society Adaptive Adventures, the organization has been busy making up for lost time.

The Accessible Wilderness Expeditions program has explored the beautiful BC backcountry and helped people with disabilities relax in the great outdoors.

In late September, the AWE program spent a full week in Cathedral Provincial Park, hosting teens and young adults for a variety of outdoor activities, including wilderness camping, fishing, mountaineering, paddleboarding, and quick dipping into glacial lakes for the brave.

“It’s about more than just improving accessibility to nature, it’s about promoting independence, learning new skills, nurturing positive relationships, and improving personal growth and empowerment by overcoming supposed barriers and limitations,” says AWE spokeswoman Laura McEwan.

The multi-day excursions offered by CRIS bring new wilderness experiences to those who encounter obstacles while participating in some of the most majestic and remote locations in the BC backcountry.

Even if we move into autumn, there will be even more outdoor adventures. White water rafting, finding old hunting cabins in the remote wilderness, and a hunting trip along the Granby River are just a few of the adventures ahead, according to McEwan.