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The Impact Tent by NEMO x LLBean is great for camping and backpacking. It’s also carbon neutral and the first tent to undergo a full lifecycle analysis.

When Maine-based LLBean wanted a new tent, it turned to its neighbor NEMO in New Hampshire for help. The brands decided to make it a carbon neutral tent and subject it to a full life cycle analysis while keeping the price competitive.

“It’s difficult to bring sustainable features to an entry-level tent,” said Noah Pitchforth, NEMO’s VP of Product. But NEMO, which has aggressively committed to being carbon positive, threw itself into the project with fervor.

When designing the Impact tentthat will be replaced LLBean’s Aurora, NEMO made the fabrics stronger. It increased the sustainability of the tent by using only recycled fabrics and hired a third party to conduct a life cycle analysis to fully understand the tent’s impact.

The life cycle assessment

Certifier Intertek worked with NEMO’s factory to consider the use of air conditioning, the temperature it maintains the factory at and the distance of the polyester yarn from fabrication to factory. By counting these impacts, NEMO can understand the carbon footprint of the tent. By choosing 100% recycled fabrics, NEMO reduced the tent’s fossil fuel consumption by 25%.

The NEMO Impact 2P tent.

Then it bought carbon offsets from the Appalachian Mountain Club Maine Woods Initiative balance the rest. The project, located 165 miles from LLBean’s headquarters in Freeport, Maine, is AMC’s land conservation strategy in the 100-mile Wilderness Region, an area containing some of the largest undeveloped forest areas in the United States

According to NEMO, Life Cycle Analysis is the Impact tent is the first life cycle analysis that has been carried out for a tent.

“We built a foundational level of knowledge and used it to explore where the opportunity lies with long-term carbon targets,” said Cam Brensinger, Founder and President of NEMO.

“It’s exciting as we now have a deeper understanding of our supply chain and what to do next. We figured out how to save small percentages at each step,” he explained. “For this tent, we stripped the layers to see if those costs were minimized in the most sustainable way.”

Brensinger says getting to a place where NEMO can control every aspect of the product was a turning point. “If we want to halve our carbon production by 2030, there aren’t many product cycles to do it. And it would be impossible without good factory partners – the carbon is in the supply chain.”

Put to the test, the impact tent from NEMO delivers

As well as reducing carbon emissions, NEMO’s Impact Tent offers consumers the comfort, durability, trustworthiness and quality to enable them to spend as many great nights outdoors as they can. Steep sidewalls give the interior an exceptionally spacious feel. Double antechambers for storing gear and giving tent occupants options for entry and exit.

NEMO’s new Landing Zone gear tray, a waterproof bucket floor that tucks under the vestibule for dry storage outside of the main tent, expands critical storage space. Inside pockets hold small essentials.

We tested it car camping and backpacking. Braced vents improve airflow and the tent is quick and easy to set up. By using 100% recycled ripstop in the flysheet and main cabin, the Impact’s tear strength has been increased by 80%.

It meets industry standards for water repellency and flame retardancy without the use of hazardous chemicals. The no-see-um mesh doors and windows offered top-notch stargazing and zero bug bites.

And we loved the tent’s light pocket, a sleeve built into the canopy to hold a headlamp. Slip in a headtorch and the interior of the tent fills with a warm glow.

That impact tent is coming packed in NEMO’s divisible packsack Divvy Cube, so you can share the load with a hiking partner. And the sticks come in a recycled cloth bag that eliminates single-use plastic.

Elimination of carbon emissions

In April, NEMO joined Climate Neutral and will offset its greenhouse gas emissions as line items in the brand’s budget.

“Reducing and eventually eliminating carbon emissions has always been our priority,” Brensinger said. “But we think taking financial responsibility for past emissions is important to drive future change.”

“We’re not fully riding the product sustainability wave just yet,” Pitchforth added, “but we’re getting there. There is a race towards sustainability between brands, a race that is gaining momentum. There is a moment to seize here in every product category, an opportunity to create materials that need to exist. And we dive in.”

The NEMO x LLBean Impact tent is available for two and three Persons.

Check price at NEMOCheck price at LLBean

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