New blended climb on Central Breithorn by François Cazzanelli, Jerome Perruquet, Stefano Stradelli


On 13/10/2022 François Cazzanelli, Jerome Perruquet and Stefano Stradelli made the first ascent of ‘Essere o non essere’, a new mixed climb up the north face of Central Breithorn.

“You don’t necessarily have to go to the end of the world to have a real adventure…” It’s with these words that François Cazzanelli sums up his laterst climb, carried out on 13/10/2022 with Jerome Perruquet and Stefano Stradelli on the north face of Central Breithorn (4159m). The 550m new line ascends to the left of the Gabarrou – Steiner route, breaches difficulties up to M7, 85°, AI V and has been described quite simply as a “beautiful mixed outing”.

Cazzanelli explained “We waited for a while before sharing the news because we wanted to be sure it really was a new climb. we experienced a wonderful adventure in a wild environment on this face, just a stone’s throw from our doorsteps. The climbing was demanding throughout, but the greatest difficulties were right at the end, in ther finishing corner where the wall becomes vertical. We set off in the dark and reached the top in the dark, having broken a trail to the base of the route through 20 cm of fresh snow … true mountaineering in our backyard mountains!”

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