New Jebel Oujdad climb in Taghia, Morocco, by Álex González, Jaume Peiró


On the SE Face of Jebel Oujdad in Taghia, Morocco, Álex González and Jaume Peiró have made the first ascent of Queer Action (400m, 7a, 6b+ obl)

On 22 and 23 April 2022 Spanish climbers Álex González and Jaume Peiró established a new route up the SE Face of Mt. Oujdad above the village of Taghia in the High Altas range of Morocco.

The 400m line was established ground-up, breaches difficulties up to 7a (6b+ obligatory) and shares 10 meters with Alier Sud. The couple described the climb as “A semi-equipped route with commitment, it opens from below along the weaknesses of the wall and follows the most logical areas of the wall, passing through spectacular dihedrals”

The route is called Queer Action and the pair explained “Queer is an Anglo-Saxon term that refers to the whole set of terms that make up the LGBTIQ+ collective. Every time we travel to countries where the rights of people are reduced, we realize how lucky we are and how much work remains to be done so that someday all those boys, girls and children who fill the classrooms today will be free tomorrow to love who they want and feel as they really feel, leaving aside the prejudices and limitations with which they live today.”


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