New method wanted for recreation in Crown land: tourism affiliation


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A new study found that the industry generates millions in revenue every year

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Dylan Short

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08.09.202134 minutes agoRead for 2 minutes Join the conversation Silhouette of two bikers at sunset in Fish Creek Provincial Park. Photo by Andrew Penner

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A tourism group calls for more investment and a change in the way Alberta manages outdoor recreational activities within Crown Land as a new study found the industry generates millions in revenue every year.

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The Tourism Industry Association of Alberta (TIAA) recently commissioned and published a study of such activity in the province, which said the recovery in the provincial crown lands is generating $ 2.8 billion in provincial GDP. It also found that the industry drove $ 375 million in spending into the province and accounted for about 36,000 full-time jobs. The report says that outdoor recreation generates $ 551 million in tax revenue.

In response to the numbers, TIAA is calling for six changes in Alberta to encourage and expand outdoor recreation. The group calls for the province to treat outdoor recreation as an industry to be nurtured and grow, rather than an event to be managed. They also call for investments in appropriate infrastructure and an inventory of all current resources in the province.

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“What the study confirmed is that outdoor recreation is much more than a popular tradition in Alberta. It is also an important factor in regional economic well-being and its importance to the health and well-being of citizens was clearly at the center of attention during the COVID-19 pandemic, “said Darren Reeder, TIAA board advisor, in a press release.

Other recommendations include monitoring and measuring the industry’s economy and setting up an office for outdoor recreational activities. They also call on industry to unite under a common voice.

The study found that over 90 percent of Albertans surveyed said they visited Crown Land and that “outdoor enthusiasts” spend an average of $ 258 per day trip and $ 757 per night.

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The TIAA report found that jurisdictions around the world are taking a more coordinated approach to managing and expanding outdoor recreational activities while protecting their natural lands. They say that if Alberta doesn’t take conscious steps, visitors might soon be moving to neighboring areas instead of spending their time and money here.

“A conscious focus on unlocking the potential of our outdoor recreational activities will attract new investments and businesses to the province, create more opportunities for Albertans and visitors to vacation in Alberta, and slow the loss of visiting and recreational investments that Alberta has missed.” said Shipowner.

Paul Hamnett, press secretary for Minister of Environment and Parks Jason Nixon, said the province invested $ 150 million in improving provincial parks and increased Tourism Alberta’s budget by 50 percent last year.

“On public land, more boots, including conservationists, are helping to enforce the rules, protect our parks and increase safety,” Hamnett said in an email. In addition to these investments, with the Public Land Camping Pass, the Alberta government is committed to supporting the development and maintenance of recreational facilities and ensuring that additional enforcement measures are available to support safe and sustainable recreation. “

Crown land currently makes up about 60 percent of the province.

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