New mural in Roanoke options group, recreation


ROANOKE, Va. – A company elevates all that Roanoke has to offer while giving back to the arts – you can now see a mural on the ETS Recruit building that showcases some of the things Roanoke is known for, like outdoor recreation and the iconic star.

“To celebrate all the things we love about Roanoke. It’s a 20-30 minute drive to McAfee Knob and then at the back of the building, a 20-30 second walk down the greenway,” said Benjamin Kennedy, ETS Recruit Business Operations and Recruitment Coordinator.

ETS is a physician recruitment firm that prides itself on Roanoke being a career destination with high-paying vacancies.

“We wanted to celebrate Roanoke and all the great things it has to offer. Below is a great career destination with a new mural on the side of their building,” said Mark Kennedy, President of ETS Recruit.

Scott Noel, also known as “Toobz Muir,” painted the mural on the building, company officials said. It took less than two months to complete – we were told the project started on October 6th and was completed on November 29th.

You can see the mural in the ETS Recruit building at 319 McClanahan Street in southwest Roanoke. It’s a colorful pinnacle of Star City staples in an effort to represent and recruit.

Learn more about ETS Recruit here.

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