New York: Two youngsters escape burning constructing by climbing out window throughout lethal hearth | US Information


An 18-year-old woman and a 13-year-old boy managed to escape a burning building in New York by climbing out of a window and climbing down a pipe, video footage has shown.

The fire broke out on Thursday at around 7:15 a.m. local time on the fourth floor of a block of flats on Avenue D in the East Village of Manhattan.

Video footage from a bystander’s phone showed flames and thick smoke rising from the windows of the building.

The thick smoke and flames seemed to be breaking out of the apartment block quickly. Image: @JAY_STACCSS via TMX

Suddenly you can see the 18-year-old woman hanging from one of the windows before she holds onto a nearby pipe.

The 13-year-old boy then walks out the window and clings tight before the first survivor gives him a whistle.

Other onlookers can also be heard yelling “Hold” to the couple as they slide down the pipe.

the new York The city fire department confirmed that a man was killed in the fire, which was allegedly caused by the ignited batteries of an electric bicycle.

FDNY Commissioner Daniel A Nigro wrote on social media: “Early yesterday morning in the East Village, a fire on the fourth floor caused the death of a young man, left one woman alive and injured two teenagers.

“Our firefighters have again determined that this fire was caused by lithium-ion batteries in an electric bike.

A person can be seen climbing out of a window as flames and black smoke also rose from the building

A woman is seen climbing out of a window. Image: @JAY_STACCSS via TMX

A second person also appears and begins to climb out of the window

A boy also appears and begins to climb out. Image: @JAY_STACCSS via TMX

“This is an alarming trend. Last year we had 44 fires and no deaths, this year 93 fires, more than 70 injuries and now four deaths from lithium-ion battery fires.

“These batteries explode when damaged or overcharged.

The two people clung to each other for support as they went down the building

The two people clung to each other for support as they went down the building. Image: @JAY_STACCSS via TMX

“I would prefer it to be charged outdoors or in an unoccupied location. We have to make sure people are buying authorized batteries.

“This is a trend to be taken seriously, it was not a few years ago, and the more the batteries are used, the greater the risk. To avoid further losses, we must use them properly and safely.”