Nissan Joins with Tread Evenly! to Promote Accountable Off-Street Recreation


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nissan and Tread Lightly! announced today that they will work together to promote responsible off-road recreation through marketing, stewardship and educational programs. The goal is to ensure that outdoor recreation opportunities are accessible to present and future generations.

“The great outdoors has always been a passion of our Nissan team and even more so over the past two years,” said Mike Colleran, senior vice president, marketing and sales, Nissan US “As Nissan introduces models like the 2023 Pathfinder Rock Creek further afield off road, we want to help maintain recreational areas to ensure they continue to be available to all, whatever your escape may involve, be it camping, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding or off-roading. ”

Tread lightly! is a national non-profit organization whose goal is to balance the needs of people who enjoy outdoor recreation with the need to maintain healthy ecosystems and thriving populations of fish and wildlife.

“We are grateful that Nissan will help us promote responsible outdoor and off-road recreation,” said Matt Caldwell, executive director of Tread Lightly!. “Promoting responsible off-road driving helps strengthen the Tread Lightly! mediate and keep local recreation areas open for future generations.”

As part of this effort, Nissan will be consulting with Tread Lightly! to ensure off-road activities are appropriately presented in promotional materials and will use the upcoming 2022 New York International Auto Show to launch the collaboration. Nissan is going with Tread Lightly! also support stewardship projects near its US manufacturing facilities in Mississippi and Tennessee.

The first of these projects will take place in the Delta National Forest near Nissan’s vehicle assembly plant in Canton, Mississippi. The Delta National Forest is home to the only hardwood national forest in the lowlands of the United States.

Excessive rainfall in recent years has caused significant flooding in the forest, resulting in downed trees on roads and trails and major damage to the on-site US Forest Service work center. Nissan and tread lightly! will work with the US Forest Service to help repair the damage and reopen logging roads to allow motorized outdoor recreation within the park.

Additional collaborative stewardship projects near Nissan’s US headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Tennessee will be announced later in 2022.

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Tread lightly! is a national non-profit organization with a mission to promote responsible recreation through stewardship programs and ethics education. The educational message of Tread Lightly! along with its unique training and recovery initiatives, is strategically designed to instill an ethic of responsibility in outdoor enthusiasts and the industries that serve them. The program is long term and aims to balance the needs of people who enjoy outdoor recreation with our need to maintain a healthy environment. Tread Lightly’s award-winning materials, programs and services! are solutions to some of the nation’s most pressing leisure problems. Individuals and businesses can commit to Tread Lightly! and protect outdoor access by becoming a member of

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