No Tenting Sans Nod, Tents To Be Eliminated | Shimla Information


Manali: In order to stop the spread of illegal camping in forest areas in Kullu-Manali, the forest bureau and government have made setting up tents in such places subject to permits.
Visitors entering forest areas also have to pay a fee of Rs 50. Officials have been ordered to screen illegal camping and permanently dismantle illegal tents. A special team was formed for this. Also, checkpoints will be set up in various places, especially at the entrance to popular trekking routes.
A meeting was held in Manali to discuss the issue, attended by officials from various departments including forestry, tourism and administration, as well as representatives of local panchayats and tourism stakeholders. The problem of companies from different states operating illegal and permanent camps in forest areas was discussed and it was decided that all such camps should be removed.
Manali Subdistrict Judge Surender Thakur said there were complaints of illegal and permanent camping in forested areas, particularly near rivers. “These campsites are polluting areas and also polluting water sources. Strict measures are being taken to stop this activity,” he said.
A team consisting of members of the Adventure Tours Operators Association and the Forest Service set up temporary checkpoints to verify HP Adventure Activities permits and compliance. The first such control post will be set up to regulate trekking and camping on the Hamta Pass Trek, the busiest trek in Himachal. The Forest Service will also arrange for camping permits to be issued.
The Forest Service plans to establish a rule that camping will be allowed at least 25 meters away from watercourses and springs. Solo camping is not allowed until the person has special permission from the local magistrate.