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Many people dream of turning their passion for the outdoors into a full-time job — spending their days teaching others how to zipline through forests, rappel off cliffs, or raft down a raging river.

Northwest College offers programs to teach outdoor enthusiasts the skills to turn their passion into a lifelong, fulfilling career.

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Outdoor Education Programs: Your path to freedom in the great outdoors

Northwest College has developed a dynamic outdoor education program that provides students with industry-leading technical and people skills that position them for success in their outdoor careers. Whether you are pursuing an associate degree in outdoor education or a certificate to focus on a specific outdoor niche, Northwest College offers the courses and training you need to prepare you for a career in outdoor adventure .

Keith McCallister, associate professor of health, outdoor and physical education and director of the program Dedicated to Experiential Learning Through Adventure at Northwest College, says: “Courses focus on building hard skills for various activities such as backcountry living, navigation, Rock climbing, white water rafting and kayaking, backcountry skiing, avalanche reconnaissance, ice climbing and so on.”

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Students learn leadership skills, risk management, and how to safely handle a backcountry group. You will also gain experience in creating and designing programs.

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From passion to profession: outdoor career opportunities

Students in Northwest College’s outdoor education program can choose from several paths such as: B. the Aerial Adventure Operations Certificate and the Associate Degree in Outdoor Education.

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“The Aerial Adventure Operations Certificate is for individuals who want to pursue a career as an operator or guide in the challenge course, zipline, adventure park, and canopy tour industries,” says McCallister. “The Outdoor Education Associate Degree is designed for careers in wilderness education (outward bound, adventure camps, or college/college recreation departments), river, rock climbing, and mountain guiding, and working with any of the various state or federal agencies. like the National Parks Service or the Bureau of Land Management.”

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McCallister continues, “Many people don’t realize the full scope and career opportunities that the outdoor recreation industry offers. Pursuing various outdoor certifications or an Outdoor Recreational Associate’s degree from Northwest College can help you into areas such as an outdoor guide and instructor (kayaking, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, fly fishing, whitewater rafting) and the United States Forest Service as a recreational specialist, firefighter or trail crew member, National Parks Service as an interpreter or front and backcountry ranger, or start your own outdoor business.”

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The perfect fit for outdoor classes

Becoming an outdoor recreation specialist takes skill, determination and a passion and ability to teach others.

McCallister says, “Most people in the field enjoy the outdoors, aren’t in the office all the time, interact with people, and educate people.”

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If your dream job is hiking up a mountain top or rafting down a river, then Northwest College’s outdoor recreation programs are for you.

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