Now you’ll be able to arrange your very personal Secret Base with new Pokémon tenting provides


Camp in style with these outdoor products on sale at Pokémon Centers this fall!

Were you playing Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire back then and really wished you could build your own secret base? Well now you can! The Pokémon Center and outdoor brand Logos have teamed up for production a range of Pokémon-themed camping and outdoor gear this is perfect for your hidden stash – or just for camping, picnics, during music festivals or even at home.

The collection contains 20 different items colored with earth tones and decorated with Pokémon that enjoy and will enjoy their natural habitats gradually released between September 21st and October 8th. the topic is “#pokemonpicnic” and includes items suitable for people of all ages.

The two items that come out first are a trolley (24,200 yen [US$167.72]) and a collapsible bench (4,180 yen), which will be available in the Pokémon Center Online Shop starting September 21 trolley is blue and features on one side a Pikachu happily riding a lotad down a river while Quagsire looks on, and on the other side a Pikachu roasting marshmallows over a slugma while a skwovet looks on from behind the tree.

That collapsible bench is a forest green color and features three scenes on its pattern: the Pikachu on the river, the marshmallow-roasting Pikachu, and a third illustration of Pikachu diving into a pile of leaves with a rowlet and a crustle.

Beginning September 23, you can purchase most of the #pokémonpicnic lineup both online and at Pokémon Center stores across Japan, including a foldable table, a pop-shade tent, two types of camping chairs, and a soft cooler, a leaflet, an LED lantern and a roll holder (for paper towels or wipes). Prices range from 1,640 yen to 10,450 yen.

If you don’t like camping, you can still take advantage portable drinking vessels and clothes that come with the line, including Mug with Pikachu eating a berry etched on it, which are available in a set of two for 1,320 yen…

…and a stainless steel mug with either the image of Pikachu riding the Lotad or diving into the leaves on one side and the berry-eating Pikachu on the other (1,650 yen).

Among the garments are Children’s sweatshirts in yellow with the Roasted Marshmallow Pikachu (6,600 yen)…

…a adult sweatshirt in black with Pikachu in the pile of leaves (7,700 yen) and a gray hoodie with Pikachu on the Lotad (8,800 yen).

Most recently, on October 8th, a forest green leisure sheet with all three illustrations comes in two sizes: a “pair size” (2,970 yen) and a “picnic size” (4,620 yen), which are great for camping or picnicking this fall.

With the exception of the tent and bench, you can also buy almost anything from the Pokémon Amazon Store with a bit of a delay, but each item will have limited stocks, so you’ll want to either order them right away or count on getting them from the Pokémon Center online store or in store.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Pokémon Centers anyway, and not least because some are accompanied by a Pokémon Cafe serving delicious seasonal fare. So why not take a trip to the nearest one to you this fall to stock up on your secret base essentials.

Source: PR Times
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