Nowhere In Wyoming Made It On Record Of Greatest Cities For Recreation


One of my favorite things about living in Wyoming is the incredible amount of things to do.

Granted, Glenrock, Wyoming (where I live and my kids go to school) IS a bit limited for things to do…but Casper and Douglas are less than 30 minutes away and offer plenty of family-friendly activities.

Hiking, river swimming, outdoor concerts, farmers markets and art walks are just a few of the summer activities that can be found locally. There are tons of parks scattered across the state, and I don’t just mean smaller city parks. The state parks are also easily accessible.

And having lived in several different cities across the state, I can assure you that many other Wyoming cities and towns are doing the same.

What about the winter?

Skiing, snowshoeing and ice climbing come to mind as fun outdoor activities… and as for indoors… we have bowling, live music in numerous bars, indoor markets, a trampoline park and numerous no or low cost -Family -friendly museums.

Every town and community with a library offers weekly story hours and kid-friendly after-school activities, and numerous religious groups have year-round activities that are open to the public.

WHY was Wyoming and its cities/towns left off a recent list of the best and worst cities for recreation?

100 cities were listed, with Las Vegas, Orlando, and Cincinnati taking the top three spots.

The bottom three places are occupied by Jersey City, Chula Vista (CA) and Fort Wayne (IN).

Denver was 17th and Colorado Springs was 62nd.

In the end, we should breathe a sigh of relief rather than be offended.

Finally, not being on this list means we Wyoming can continue to keep our little secret.

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