Olympic Climbing Medalist Tries Onerous American Boulder Downside


Olympic bronze medalist Jakob Schubert recently visited Red Rocks where he attempted to repeat Jimmy Webb’s Sleepwalker V16. He climbed with Nicolai Uznik and Michael Piccolruaz.

Schubert has climbed V15 and 5.15b in the past and has been Lead World Champion three times. Earlier this year he visited Italy and managed the fourth ascent of Erebor 5.15.

Sleepwalker has become one of the most tried hard problems in the US. Four climbers sent it, including Webb, Daniel Woods, Nalle Hukkataival and Drew Ruana. Webb, Woods and Hukkataival used a high toe hook to close the key passage while Ruana chose a more powerful sequence.

Shubert dropped an April Fool’s joke on Instagram saying he wanted to downgrade the issue before sending it to V14.

Jakob Schubert on sleepwalkers