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Those unlucky in the 2022 Smith River Permit drawing have another chance to win a river trip.

In addition to the regular private rafting permits, Fish, Wildlife & Parks issues a super permit each year via a separate lottery. The Super Permit recipient may compete on any date of their choice for the year.

Floaters can purchase as many $5 Super Permit opportunities as they wish, but only one Super Permit will be awarded.

The opportunity to earn Smith River Super Permit opportunities will end on April 1st and the winner will be announced on April 4th.

Opportunities can be purchased online through the FWP Online Licenses Service.

Deadline to apply for deer and elk permits on Friday

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is reminding hunters that the deadline to apply for deer and elk licenses for non-residents and deer and elk permits for all is April 1st.

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Hunters applying for special licenses and permits must have a valid email address. Hunters can apply for permits on the FWP website; Click Buy & Apply. Most FWP offices are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

This spring, Fish, Wildlife & Parks launched a new mobile app, MyFWP, which stores and displays licenses, permits and digital carcass tags called e-tags for use in the field without cellular service. In order to use the app, hunters and anglers need a MyFWP account, which is a secure and convenient digital profile that stores licenses, permits and related information.

To create a new account, visit fwp.mt.gov. Users must ensure they link their ALS number to the MyFWP account to ensure their hunting and fishing licenses are linked to their MyFWP account.

Hunters will also continue to be able to print copies of licenses they purchase online or from FWP offices.

The FWP Licensing Call Center is open from 7am to 7pm until April 1st; after April 1st, hours will be reset to 8:00am to 5:00pm. The call center can be reached at 406-444-2950.

Those applying for a special license or permit must have a valid email address.

FWP Advisory Committee to Review Study Grant Funds

The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks State Trails Advisory Committee will meet April 7 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. to review trail grant applications and make recommendations to the department for allocation of funds in 2022.

The group meets in person, with a virtual option, in the Montana Room in the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation building at Helena, 11th Ave. end of the agenda.

The panel advises FWP on trail issues in Montana, including funding, use and promotion of recreational trails across tenures. The group consists of 10 members, seven of whom are new. Recurring members are Robert Long, Polson; Alice Santos, Helena; and Mark Smolen, Bigfork.

New members are Kristi Drake, Billings; Julie Riley, Volborg; Madelon Martin, Eureka; Mike Patterson, Butte; Virginia Sullivan, Missoula; Bob Walker, Clancy; and Brenda Maas, Billings.

The primary agenda is to review Montana Trail Stewardship Grant applications and make allocation recommendations to the FWP. Thirty-four eligible applications were submitted this year, requesting approximately $1,575,000 in funding. The amount of funding available for this funding cycle is $1,037,000.

“Trails are critical infrastructure for recreation in Montana, based on recent research showing trails are the #1 amenity residents want in our state parks,” said Hope Stockwell, FWP Division Administrator for Parks and Outdoor Recreation, in a press release.

Here are some rules for scaleant hunters

With warmer temperatures and rapidly disappearing snow, scaleant hunters are eager to head into the field.

Buck deer, bull elk and elk grow each year with antlers that fall off each spring to grow back. Hunting and gathering these “shed” antlers in the spring has become a popular activity.

Many of Montana’s Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) provide winter safety for wildlife. However, stable hunters need to be aware that the big game WMAs in Montana’s winter range are closed to public use after the hunting season and will not reopen until spring. Many WMAs open at noon on May 15th.

Most block management areas are closed at this time of year. They are intended exclusively for hunting times approved by the order. Access to BMAs for all other activities requires landowner permission, including scale hunting.

In addition, collecting antler scales or other natural objects within Montana State Parks is also prohibited.

To learn more about Montana’s WMAs—and to confirm specific opening dates—visit the Wildlife Management Area page on FWP’s website at fwp.mt.gov.