Out of doors Journey Fee hosts Wasatch Entrance Recreation Workshop


Photo: Wasatch Front by Brent Pace via Unsplash

SALT LAKE CITY – On October 4, the Outdoor Adventure Commission, in partnership with Utah State University’s Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, hosted their Outdoor Recreation Strategic Plan Workshop for the Wasatch Front. The October 4 workshop, held at Petzi American’s West Valley City headquarters, was the fifth in a series of seven, with the sixth taking place on October 6 in Ephraim and the seventh on October 14 in Cedar City.

Designed to help participants advance outdoor recreation in Utah, the workshop will provide instruction on reviewing current outdoor recreation facilities in Utah, identifying threats to the future of outdoor recreation, and developing solutions to identified problems.

Pitt Grewem, director of the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation, said the following about the workshops:

“These workshops are an important first step in better understanding and addressing all of Utah’s unique and diverse outdoor recreation needs. This is a great opportunity for us to align together on a shared vision and strategy to ensure we continue to build a strong, sustainable outdoor recreation economy that improves the quality of life for all Utahns by providing the best outdoor experiences possible. “

Utah state legislators created the Outdoor Adventure Commission in 2020, after which the commission created a strategic plan to meet the growing need for outdoor recreation in Utah. The commission consists of 14 diverse members from “key sectors” of Utah’s leisure industry. The strategic plan is expected to be published in summer 2023 and to implement the lessons learned during these autumn workshops.

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