Out of doors journey movies return to La Crosse | Native


ORA Trails and La Crosse Adventure Films Partner for Screening of New Documentary Biketown; a story about mountain bikers, unlikely partnerships and the communities they create at 7pm Thursday 3 August.

The film will be screened at the Pump House, 119 King St. Complimentary tickets are available through the ORA Trails website, as well as through the ORA Trails and La Crosse Adventure Films Facebook page. The pump house will have a bar staffed by volunteers.

ORA Trails and La Crosse Adventure Films are both non-profit organizations and donations to these organizations enable future opportunities like this.

The film follows four different cities that have overcome challenges to bring outdoor opportunities to their communities. ORA Trails is particularly excited to share this opportunity with the local community as it highlights projects similar to those that ORA has recently undertaken and continues to do.

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Examples include the pump track and park renovation at Lueth Park, the new shared trails at Grandad Bluff, and the accessibility features at Chad Erickson Park. ORA is currently working on similar projects at Trempealeau and West Salem, as well as improvements at Chad Erickson. All fulfill the ORA mission of building happy, healthy and resilient communities by providing access to equitable and sustainable outdoor leisure experiences.

La Crosse Adventure Films aims to inspire through film. We believe that communities get better when their people adventure and consciously live their own best story. Laugh, cry, cheer, learn and explore the world through movies together.

From the Freehub team: “Specialized and Soil Searching present Biketown, a film from Freehub Magazine, due out in Summer 2022. This is a story of local communities and struggles that ultimately inspired collaboration around shared vision and goals. Biketown immerses viewers in the future of mountain biking –of-age era – now a thriving sport for multiple generations – by examining paradigms at the local and national levels. Summer 2022 Biketown film screening events will benefit various IMBA Local Chapters and other non-profit trail clubs across North America. The film will premiere on Freehub’s YouTube channel in August as a streaming option for a global audience.”

ORA Trails and La Crosse Adventure Films will partner on September 22nd for another inspiring film called Esperanto and look forward to future screenings and film festivals. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]