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And now something completely different…

Welcome to the Outdoor Recreation Challenge show! What could go wrong and how will you react? Let’s review your recent trip to the American Southwest and see how you fared.

Challenge one: Your RV fridge is on strike. Answer: chill out, fridge, with a block of ice. Perishables hope for ‘Brrrrr’.

Challenge two: Your RV hot water tank is already cold. Reaction: Sponge bath with water heated on the propane stove. In a cramped mobile home.

Challenge three: A soft plastic water tank valve fails, flooding the RV floor. Response: Mop the floor. Fill the replacement solid plastic water tank. dry your socks

Challenge Four: Try to use the spare water tank. Plastic spigot breaks off in hand. Response: Place a ziplock plastic bag over the opening and turn the top with the broken spigot so that it at least holds water. No drip allowed.

Challenge five: The partner now urgently needs a shower and does not want another sponge bath. Action: Fill the soft plastic water tank with fresh water; set it on the picnic table in the morning sun; After cycling, the water is almost as hot as a shower. Wait until it’s almost dark; Outside; naked; water tank on the bike seat; she is bent; Shampoo, washcloth and soap in hand. Too funny for words.

Challenge six: Bike tires pick up more than 30 “goat horns” – seed pods with two spikes – while traveling just 10 meters over a poor excuse for a lawn. Response: Preparation pays off, tire sealant applied in the morning. Seeps out of holes, but it was a warning against Mother Nature’s sharp mind.

Challenge seven: Your state park campground closes for the season after one night. Response: The ranger whispers directions to free “scattered camping” in the woods behind the commercial campground and charges $50 a night. Shhh!

Challenge Eight: Start Your Final Bike Ride; cut first corner too tight; crash and burn; The front bike tire spins right, throwing you down a rough gravel slope, badly injuring your right shoulder. The camera in the right trouser pocket leaves an imprint on the right leg muscle. Answer: Back to the camper. Bandage bleeding knee. Two naproxin anti-inflammatory drugs, one Tylenol. Restart the ride. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Challenge Nine: Instead of riding the 56-kilometer (34-mile) River Mountains Loop Trail (rivermountainstrail.com) in Boulder City, Nevada in two sections as originally planned, ride it all at once, Answer: Don’t believe in them Height profile in the brochure. This is not a paved trail next to a river, but skirts the grueling slopes of the River Mountains. Battery eating, up and down and around the foothills. For the third time in four years, the Trek e-bike ran out of juice at kilometer 42. Partner speeds back to campground, returns truck camper in less than an hour. Saved. Embarrassed.

Challenge 10: You catch a cold (not COVID). Answer: Buy Made in Canada NyQuil for $20 (28 Cdn). Ask the lady behind you to use her Safeway discount number. Without asking, the cashier uses the woman’s $15 bonus on her card, so cold medicine is only $4 and isn’t discovered until the bill is later examined. I can’t find the woman to refund her the money. Hope she didn’t catch the virus.

Challenge 11: Plastic can for generator gas leaks in storage compartment. Everything stinks of gasoline for days. Action: leave the compartment door open. Place everything from the tray on the picnic table in the sun. Gasoline can goes in the dumpster. The smell still permeates the RV, sparking a dispute over storage. Hold your nose. Buy air fresheners.

Bonus Round Challenge 12: Try to return home to the Okanagan with no more challenges. Answer: What else can you do but laugh all the way home.

Show Host: Based on your preparation and ingenuity in overcoming these challenges, our judges have awarded you the grand prize for another outdoor recreation adventure in the American Southwest. Congratulations and good luck next time. We hope (plan) to see you at a future edition of the Outdoor Recreation Challenge.


For those who can’t wait for winter fun, the Sovereign Lake Nordic Center in the northern Okanagan had sixteen inches of fresh snow on the ground Monday (October 24), general manager Troy Hudson said. “Our opening on November 4th is looking good! Ticket sales go live on November 1st (Tuesday) and presale ends on October 31st (Monday).”


The Telemark Nordic Center in West Kelowna is hosting its annual volunteer work party today from 9am to 12pm to chop firewood, paint, maintain trails and do a few other odd jobs before the season starts.

“We’re taking a lunch break. The club hosts a free BBQ with burgers, hot dogs, snacks and drinks. The AGM will be held immediately after lunch at 1:00 p.m. The AGM is a great opportunity to meet the Telemark Board and find out what’s going on at the club,” said General Manager Mike Edwards.

The early bird price for a season ticket ends on Monday (October 31), the same registration deadline for youth programs (bunnies, bunnies, adventure).


The Kelowna Nordic Ski and Snowshoe Club is hosting its Firewood Day on Sunday (October 30). Meet at the main cabin at 9:30 AM with your thermos, lunch and work gloves. Logs are stacked next to the parking lot next to a log splitter or join the firewood brigade to fill up the shacks.

JP Squire, also known as the Sheriff of Hiking, Biking, Kayaking and Horseback Riding, is a retired journalist.

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