Outside fans have fun “Pressure of July” in La Crosse’s Higher Hixon

Outdoor enthusiasts celebrate “Force of July” in La Crosse’s Upper Hixon

July 2, 2022 9:38 p.m

Posted Jul 2, 2022 9:38pm

LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WKBT) – The Outdoor Recreation Alliance celebrated “The Force of July” in the Upper Hixon Forest on Friday with numerous outdoor activities related to Star Wars.

ORA hosted 5K and 10K runs, mountain bike training and a guided hike. Dozens of volunteers helped and got involved – with the goal of getting people outside.

“Every use of the trails is so important. I could go on and on about the benefits of fresh air, getting kids off screens and people outside. La Crosse is a special place because we have these trails right in town,” said Chris Stinet, a member of ORA.

After a grill-out lunch, there were many Star Wars-themed events.

Events were held on the Vader, Jedi, and Nerf Herder trails in Upper Hixon.