Outside Recreation Roundtable Lauds Appropriations


The Outdoor Recreation Roundtable announced yesterday that two important provisions have been added to the Omnibus Appropriations Bill for fiscal year 2022.

The bill funds $1.5 million for the Outdoor Recreation Satellite Account and adds that the Government Accountability Office must conduct the Outdoor Industry Veterans Careers GAO Study to identify efforts that match U.S. veterans with careers and jobs in the Connecting the outdoor industry.

“ORSA funding is critical to the outdoor recreation industry as it measures the outdoor recreation economy — this year at $689 billion, 4.3 million jobs and 1.8 percent of GDP — and elected officials, Helping businesses and the public understand the economic impact of this growing industry,” ORR President Jessica Turner said in a statement.

“GAO’s study of outdoor industry veterans’ careers will also be a win-win because it identifies both opportunities for veterans to pursue outdoor recreation careers and the industry’s strong candidates for the growing one workforce offers,” added Turner.