Outside recreation survey responses due March 28 | Neighborhood


The City of Verona is updating its Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP). This plan serves as a guide for the continuous improvement of the city’s parks, open spaces, bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

The city invites you to contribute to the update of the plan, as the current plan was intended for 2016-2021.

“The City of Verona, recognizing the importance and benefits of its parks and open space systems to the character and quality of life of the city, is committed to meeting the recreational needs of its current and future residents,” reads the city’s website. “This plan is intended to guide the continued improvement of the city’s park and open space system and to maintain the city’s eligibility for state and federal park and recreation grants. This plan envisions an interconnected system of parks, open spaces, and walking trails throughout the community that relate to the city’s natural resources, geography, and neighborhoods.”

The plan is intended to be a supporting document and part of the city of Verona’s comprehensive land use plan.

The CORP also maintains the city’s eligibility for state and federal grants.

Along with the CORP update, the city is creating a master plan for a new park on the north side of the city called Zingg Park.

“By taking part in this survey, you are helping to shape the future of Verona,” the city said. “This plan, along with the city’s other long-term plans and development-related ordinances, will be used to implement the city’s parks and recreation program.”

Residents can now give feedback in an online survey until March 28th. Visit surveymonkey.com/r/VeronaParks to participate.

Online responses are preferred, the city-states, but printed copies of the survey are also available at the Public Works Building (410 Investment Court), City Hall (111 Lincoln St.), the Library (500 Silent St.), and the Senior Center (Paolistr .108).

Return completed paper surveys to the same locations by March 28.

“The purpose of updating the city’s Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan is to better understand the unmet needs for parks and recreation in the city, understand how demand will evolve over the next five years, and offer strategies that capitalize on to best meet the city’s needs,” the city said.