Pandora FMS Log Monitoring Answer Will get IBM i Hooks


September 19, 2022

Alex Woody

Pandora FMS, an open source log monitoring solution that has been in use for decades, will be integrated with IBM i, the software’s commercial backer announced last week. Thanks to a partnership between Pandora FMS and French company M81, organizations using the software can add IBM i to the monitoring mix.

Pandora FMS, short for Flexible Monitoring System, is an open-source tool for consuming and analyzing server and network logs. Written in PHP and running on Linux, the utility uses agents (developed in Perl) to keep track of servers running Linux, Windows, and Unix (Solaris and AIX) operating systems. It also uses WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to collect log and event data from servers and network devices.

After the data is securely transmitted to the Pandora FMS server, the logs are stored in a relational database (Oracle, MySQL and MariaDB are supported) where they can be monitored and queried. Users interact with Pandora FMS through web-based dashboards where they can read the latest alerts or dive into historical data to analyze trends.

The software also supports some root cause analysis features that bring some Application Performance Management (APM) features to Pandora FMS. It can also detect correlations hidden in logs, allowing users to perform advanced monitoring.

Pandora FMS was originally founded in 2004 by Sancho Lerena, the founder and CEO of Arctic. The company sells an enterprise version of Pandora FMS through an eponymous company with offices in Coral Gables, Florida; Madrid, Spain; and in Mexico.

in the an interview with Sector Ejecutivo, Lerena, who is also the company’s CEO Pandora FMSdiscussed how he intends to replace outdated monitoring tools from IBM, HPE, APPROXand BMC. “We compete with solar winds, ManageEngine, ZenOSSand splunk,” he said.

Users monitor their IT systems through the Pandora FMS dashboard.

Last week, Pandora FMS’ Florida office announced that the company had inked a deal with the French software provider M81. The deal allows M81’s IBM i agent, dubbed Control for i, to integrate with Pandora FMS, bringing IBM i servers under the Pandora FMS monitoring umbrella.

The new IBM i agent offered by Pandora FMS can monitor more than 150 aspects of the IBM i server across system messages, database messages, backups, batch jobs, high-availability replication, EDI jobs and data transfers, according to the company IBM i monitoring web page.

“Pandora FMS for IBM i is easy to implement for any IBM i engineer,” says the company. Only “known IBM i commands” are required. “There is absolutely no development required.”

While the IBM i agent interacts with Pandora FMS software, the IBM i agent is licensed separately from Pandora FMS software and must be purchased separately, the company said.

“This is a game changer for companies that still have systems like IBM i, which, although outdated, still have a major impact on enterprise IT management,” Lerena said in a press release.

Pandora FMS is available through multiple mechanisms. Users can use the free, open-source version of Pandora FMS under the GPL2 license. The company sells subscriptions to a software-as-a-service offering, and users can also purchase a traditional license to install their software on-premises. Finally, Pandora FMS is available under an OEM license.

M81 is based in Lyon, France and has been in business since 2014. The company was founded by CTO Pascal Ruckebusch, who has decades of experience on the platform. Besides Control for i, M81 is developing two other products, including Flash for i, which uses IBM FlashCopy and EMC SnapShot technology to clone an IBM i disk volume in just two minutes; and Recover for i, a continuous backup tool based on IBM’s local journaling technology.


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