Peterborough letter: Open up distant areas for extra tenting throughout pandemic


Now that Toronto is exporting COVID-19 cases to hospitals in smaller centers like Peterborough, is it time for cities and towns with campsites to import healthy people?

During the bubonic plague in Europe, healthy people fled urban congestion and disease to the country. Opening campsites and crown areas would reduce city congestion and help prevent healthy people from acquiring COVID.

Fears that “people traveling will spread COVID-19” have been replaced by the government transporting disease into the country.

I am not saying that patients should NOT be sent to Peterborough, I am saying that coronaviruses and variants are already everywhere. Hence, it is ridiculous for healthy people to be incarcerated in congested, sick cities when they can stay healthy by fleeing to campsites where the air is clean.

Bob Mosurinjohn, Port Hope


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