Piqueteros: there will probably be no tenting, however the negotiation with the Authorities continues for the plans


“There was no agreement, follow the battle plan, but there will be no camping.” She said Eduardo Belligionone of Piquetero Unit representatives left the meeting with Social Development Minister John Zabaleta. The government is trying to unblock the protests that blocked Avenida 9 de Julio for two weeks.

Social organizations are calling for more social plans, but the government reiterated that it will not issue new registrations and is sticking to its position. In return, the ministry offered more food aid and funding to create productive units in the economy at last Thursday’s meeting, TN suggested.

Juan Zabaleta along with President Alberto Fernández. (Photo: Ministry of Social Development).

“We have reached partial agreements that allow us to continue working. We are pushing ahead with strengthening canteen catering. We will also implement the strengthening and creation of production units related to food production,” the pickets reiterated after the meeting with the minister.

There are about 3,000 delis, bakeries and orchards that could provide jobs for about 30,000 people.

What are the piquetero groups asking for?

The social movements are essentially demanding the reopening of the Boost Work registration plan.

“It was a relaxed meeting. We present proposals for productive businesses and talk about strengthening food delivery, as we did with the ration card. We go into the gap for Monday with the most technical teams,” they had explained from Zabaleta’s inner circle last week after the meeting.

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Last week, the government announced a 50% increase in the Alimentar card, which will be received by 2.4 million key beneficiaries, reaching 4.1 million people. The measure was well received by the groups.

The government is trying to prevent social organizations from holding another camp on Avenida 9 de Julio. (Photo: Marcelo Capece / NA)

In addition, reinforcement was offered in the supply of food for dining rooms and picnic areas, that is, for the most immediate demand of vulnerable sectors, and the sponsorship of three thousand new productive companies.

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The minister reportedly unveiled a plan to fund the purchase of machinery and consumables to start production in fast-paced areas such as bakeries or gardens.

“If there is a response from the government, we will be the first to pass it on to our colleagues. If there are no appropriate answers, we’ll see what to do,” Polo Obrero’s hero Edward Belliboni as he exited the session.