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Vinicio Stefanello leaves The site, which for 22 years has been a reference point for all those who love the mountains, mountaineering and climbing, continues under the leadership of Nicholas Hobley.

After 22 years, 25 from the start of the project, the time has come for me to say goodbye to Mountain Network srl and I turn the page aware of the fact that I have experienced a wonderful adventure. In some ways one which is completely unrepeatable given how much, and how quickly, everything has changed. The world, the web, mountaineering itself and we too are no longer the same.

And yet, if I think about it, it seems like yesterday that it all started, even if I find it hard to remember everything we went through. But what I cannot and will never forget are the many people who, through their love for the mountains, have made this space what it is. Mountaineers, women and men, mountain and nature lovers, champions, pros and amateurs from all over the world have been our true wealth. It is to all of them, without distinction, that I would like to express my thanks. I am truly honoured to have met you: without you we would have achieved nothing.

PlanetMountain naturally continues. With Nicholas Hobley it is in safe hands, the same ones it has always been in right from the outset.

Safe climbing and travels to all
Vinicio Stefanello

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